Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of questions we are often asked about our product and how it helps. If none of these answer your particular enquiry, don’t hesitate to drop us a message or email us at

Sleep Glasses block the blue light from your phone, tablet, TV, computer and even lightbulbs, and turn those into warmer colours from the other end of the light spectrum.

We all need to see blue light however, because of the short wavelength and high frequency of blue light, it reaches deeper into the retina of your eye, which can cause potential damage over a period of time.

In the short term, it also affects your sleep. Blue light suppresses a hormone called melatonin, which helps control your sleep and wake cycles. By allowing too much blue light entering your retina, you are essentially telling your body that it is day time, and it needs to stay awake.

We are the first established UK brand specialising in blue light blocking glasses, eye health and wellbeing. Our glasses are top of the range of effectiveness and comfort. Not only that, we provide helpful insights into tips and tricks for better sleep. Our products are carefully put together in the UK to ensure all customers receive the best experience right from opening the box. We also provide storage pouches and cleaning cloths with all of our products. We also help the community with every purchase that comes in.

We value helping others. That’s why for every unit we sell, we donate £1 to the Losing My Sight charity. LMS UK are a charity focused on helping the visually impaired and blind in the community. By increasing your health and getting better sleep, you are supporting the ones in need at the same time.

There are several popular iOS and Android apps that reduce the amount of sharp artificial light its screen release. The issue with those, is they are focused primarily on that one device. The second you take your eyes off your phone look at a TV screen, turn on the lights, or use a device with such function, you are back t0 square-one. 

Having that blue filter in front of your eyes all the time throughout your evening ensures you block out any artificial light from any device that you may be using over the course of your evening.

We offer free delivery by Royal Mail to our customers in the UK.

Delivery charges outside of the UK are stated before checkout.


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