Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Our blue light blocking sleep glasses help you get better sleep.


By blocking out the blue light emitted from phones, laptops, tv screens and even LED lights.

You see, blue light (or otherwise known as artificial light), prevents the production of a natural hormone called Melatonin.

What is Melatonin?

Melatonin is essential to our bodies, as it naturally helps us re-energise, tells our bodies when to feel tired, and when to wake up.

Back in the day, when people didn’t have alarm clocks, or even normal clocks to tell the time, they used to wake up to sunrise, and fall asleep to sunset.

That’s how we evolved. That’s how we have been conditioned to operate.

And Now?

With the mass takeover of technology in our lives, we gave up that simplistic way of living.

Staring into screens is now the last thing we do before bed, and the first thing we do after we get up.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing – technology helps us unwind, keeps us safe, and lets us stay connected to family and friends any time it’s convenient. But when it comes to using it before trying to fall asleep, that’s when issues arise.

All screens and LED lights use blue light, which is sharp and cold. The opposite of sunlight, for example, as that is natural light.

As mentioned earlier, blue light suppresses the production of Melatonin, which you don’t want to happen.

But there is a way to combat that. And, doing so without losing the luxury of late night tv, out-of-office-hours work, or scrolling through social media in bed.

But How?

We are actually able to easily turn those cold, sharp blue artificial lights, into warm shades that are easy on the eyes. We do this by utilising the opposite end of the light-spectrum, in the form of an orange tint.

This reduces the sharpness of the blue light between 40% and 60%, allowing your body to carry on the natural production of Melatonin, and therefore remind you when it’s time to get to sleep.

You see, what artificial light does, is it tricks our brains into thinking it’s day-time…forever. And that we need to stay awake. So it fights. It fights to keep us awake, because it thinks that’s what we need.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses


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