Are Your Staff Members Tired and Not Energised?

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Health and wellbeing within a business environment is a very important topic at the moment.

Employees and staff deserve to be treated the best way they can.

Often, there are many aspects of health and wellbeing that may happen outside of the workplace, but still impact the way team members operate on a daily basis.

We all use laptops, tv’s, phones and screens of all kinds all day long, even before bedtime.

Flexible office hours, night-shift workers, evening workers – they are all exposed to artificial light emitted from screens for the majority of the day, especially in the evenings.

What this does, is prevent your team from being sharp, awake and fully rested when they are back in the office the next morning.

But we can prevent that. We just need to eliminate the blue light.

What is Blue Light?

Blue light is artificial light emitted from laptop, tv, phone and all other various types of screens. This also goes for light bulbs and other house lights.

You see, back before we had the gift of alarm clocks, or even clocks in general, people used to wake up when the sun rose, and fall asleep when the sun set.

With the constant use of technology in our lives, we often forget how that changes things compared to how we, as humans, were conditioned and evolved.

We are not meant to be exposed to un-natural, artificial light right before going to sleep. It goes against our natural evolution.

What exposure to artificial light does, is it prevents the production of a natural hormone called Melatonin.

Melatonin ensures that our bodies are kept rested, by allowing us to fall asleep and shut down for 6-8 hours, go through the various sleep cycles, and then wake up when the sunrise hits our eyes.

Reducing the constant levels of melatonin production, prevents the body from acknowledging when it is meant to rest, and when it is meant to be awake and sharp.

You are tricking it to seeing a fake sunlight, right until the last second before trying to fall asleep.

It’s a little bit like turning off a blender, and putting your hand straight in even though the blades are still spinning quite fast.

Does This Sound Familiar?

By preventing your body from natural Melatonin production, you are essentially telling it to fight its internal nature, and battle to stay awake.

And then you can’t sleep.

It takes you 45 minutes to fall asleep instead of 10.

You toss and turn for ages.

You wake up at least once during the night.

Then you wake up wishing you could fall back asleep, because your body is craving it.

Sound familiar?

The Solution?

Truth be told, there is a very simple measure to prevent all of this from happening.

Its outcomes?

Falling asleep much faster than you normally would

Not waking up in the middle of the night

Waking up rested and ready for the day

This isn’t some strange voodoo magic

This is simple science.

So what’s the answer?

Easy. The light spectrum.

As we mentioned, the artificial light is what is preventing the production of Melatonin.

Artificial light sits on the high frequency and short wavelength end of the light spectrum.

Simply put, sharp light, at a very high speed.

The answer to this issue is at the other end of the light spectrum. The warm and calming shades of reds, oranges and yellows.

Imagine putting an orange tinted filter over a blue light.

It would turn the light to a warm red-ish shade, allowing it to be less sharp and much calmer on the eyes.

This is exactly what the solution is.

No artificial chemicals.

No Melatonin pills to boost the production of it.


More specifically, orange tints, which reduce the sharpness of the blue light by 40% – 60%.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Introducing MySleepGlasses

They help you sleep.

And they help you sleep well.

Whether team members are spending time in the office late in the evening, or working from home, they are exposed to all of these issues above. Lack of sleep and energy re-generation can have negative impacts on performance, and even cause longer term issues such as depression.

Give your team the ability to feel at their sharpest throughout the working day, and make them feel like a part of their health and wellbeing is being taken care of.

We have fantastic opportunities to incorporate our Sleep Glasses as on boarding gifts for new starters.


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