Add Better Sleep to Your Nighttime Routine

Our mission is to give every person the opportunity to enjoy their daily routines, without sacrificing their sleep and productivity.

- Denis & Matt

MySleepGlasses CoFounders

“My life is all about those late nights, early mornings.

Thank god I have invested in a pair of these sleep glasses!”

“My young son is using the glasses and they are still working a treat! He gets wind down time and still gets his sleep!”

I have used them every night for about two hours before bed and can see the difference after a few weeks already!

Sleep Glasses for Families

Evening with the family is an important time in many homes.

Whether that’s entertainment, teaching or playing with the kids,  or simply doing some evening family holiday planning

Whatever we do in this day and age, we do in front of screens and technology.

Learn how you can ensure you and your family sleep well

Sleep Glasses for Entrepreneurs

If you’re an entrepreneur, if you’re hustling away until midnight and beyond -obviously, we encourage you to chase your dreams.

But we empower you to do so without sacrificing the single most important tool every entrepreneur needs – your mind.

You need it to be sharp, focused and most importantly – rested.

Using blue light blocking technology will help you achieve just that.

Sleep Glasses for Businesses

Employees often work late.

Stay behind in the office when everybody else has gone home.

And even evening and night-shift workers –
they are all exposed to artificial blue light after sunset.

This can negatively impact team productivity,
energy levels of your staff,  and even their mental health.

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